Route 66 turns 90


„I just want to give you a heads up so you can start planning. It will be a very big year for Route 66. The Mother Road turns 90 in 2016! There will be celebrations up and down the route but don’t go just for an event. Go because the most famous highway in the world slashes through our backyard. Go because millions of people travel from all over the world just to stand on a corner in Winslow, sleep in a wigwam in Holbrook and feed a burro in Oatman. Go because Arizona is the state that saved Route 66. Go because it’s a chance to get off the interstate and travel winding two-lane pavement through small towns and scenic vistas. Go because it’s the ultimate road trip full of neon and motor courts and diners with homemade pie. Go because it’s a chance to see a way of life you were afraid had vanished. Go because Arizona has the longest unbroken section of Arizona still in existence. Go because it’s a chance to bite the wind, sing along loudly with the radio and hurtle towards a distant horizon. Go because Route 66 is legend—legend I tells ya—and a fantastic place to get your kicks.“

Der Text stammt von Roger Naylor, Autor von Büchern und Artikeln über die 66. Das sind doch mal Gründe nächstes Jahr einen Trip auf der Route 66 zu planen!

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